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Connections are important for personal and business development

But just as important is how you make them. Do you go to conferences and knock on groups and chat rooms to make those very useful connections?

A lot of time and energy ends up going into this:

You rarely find people close to you who can help in some way.
But you get into conversations with people with whom you have to suck up "what can you do for each other?"
And the person you're interested in isn't always open to communication.

With our help, you will make connections you can be proud of

Your interlocutors have the experience you need

All networking participants are entrepreneurs, techies, scientists, i.e. those who really have experience in business and technology management.

A precise matching algorithm

No random people. Now the question "How can we be useful to each other?" will always have an obvious answer.

Meetings once a week

There are a lot more people in the world you need than you realize.

How it works

1. Fill out an application and be selected

Questionnaires are reviewed within 1-3 days. We create an active community of entrepreneurs and managers who are ready to be useful to each other. If you get a rejection, don't get upset. Try to come back to us in six months.

2. Wait for approval of the application

Then in a quiz format, tell me what you are interested in and what problems you need to solve

3. Make your decision

Decide if you are ready to meet a new person this week.

4. Get new contacts

Every Monday the algorithm will send you a new person and tell you about their field of activity, experience and competencies

6. Discover

A Telegram chat will automatically be created where we will introduce you to each other so that scheduling an appointment is quicker and clearer

7. Give us feedback

After the meeting, write a review and tell us how it went. We are not curious, but want to improve the algorithm and send you more suitable people.

Hold your first meeting this week

and get at least 4 new introductions in a month
What it will give you:
The members of our network have already practically gone through what you are just thinking about.


After the first month, available in a membership subscription
  • Minimum of 4 new peers
              (once a week)
  • Possibility of additional meetings
  • Save all new contacts
              in your personal cabinet
  • Notes to each participant
              that only you can see.


The algorithm analyzes your professional interests and personal objectives to select the most relevant meeting partner. You get a selection of people who work in the same or similar field, are close to you and match your networking request.By leaving ratings and comments after meetings, you help improve our algorithm. This way we can offer you even more interesting and suitable meetings.
We are gathering an active community of entrepreneurs and managers. Hence, there are 2 important points we look at when selecting. Point #1: a person must be an entrepreneur from any industry or a top manager in a large company. Point #2: the person should be active, not refusing meetings and understanding why and for what he/she needs a network.
Yes. In my personal account on the networking platform, you can make the necessary changes at any time: give more information about yourself, specify additional links, change the networking tasks.
In your personal cabinet all detailed information about previous conversations with contacts, photo and description is saved to make it easier to navigate. And you can also leave notes about meetings that only you can see. We recommend fixing there agreements, potential points of intersection and requests with which you can return to this person.
Don’t be disappointed and try again in a few months 🙂 We reserve the right not to explain the reason for rejection.